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Histories and Related Works

company history The Trade Makers
Elder Dempster in West Africa

Peter N Davies
George Allan and Unwin, 1973
ISBN 0043870031

The Trade Makers
Elder Dempster in West Africa
1872-1972 1973-1989

Peter N Davies
International Maritime
Economic History Association, 2000
ISBN 0968128890

company history
fleet history The Elder Dempster Fleet History
James Cowden and John Duffy
Mallett and Bell, 1986
ISBN 0950945315

The Price of Peace
Elder Dempster 1939-1945
James Cowden
Jocast, 1981
ISBN 0950748005

fleet history
fleet history
Elder Dempster Lines
(Merchant Fleets 20)
Duncan Haws
TCL Publications, 1990
ISBN 0946378177
Ships in Focus Ships in Focus Ships in Focus Ships in Focus Ships in Focus
the Fleet in Focus feature in these issues of Record is
Elder Dempster Postwar
Record 47 to 50
together with a follow up in Record 52
Ships in Focus, 2010/2012

Ships in Focus
Palm Line Palm Line
The Coming of Age 1949-1970
Roger Kohn
Palm Line, 1970

The Blue Funnel Legend
A History of the
Ocean Steam Ship Company

Malcolm Falkus
Macmillan, 1990
ISBN 0333522834

Blue Funnel
palm oil Palm Oil and Small Chop
John Goble
Whittles Publishing, 2011
ISBN 0968128890

So Life Be
Memories of West Africa
Jack King
Jack King, 2011
ISBN 9780957080201

so life be

Where books are out of print copies can be traced through established book dealers.
Alternatively if you live in the UK your local library ought to be able to get a loan copy.


The History of Elder Dempster
Paul Wood
Rakaia, 2006
is available here on this website in PDF format

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go to the Adobe website where you can download a free copy




Fleet Lists

Details of the fleet lists of Elder Dempster Lines, together with those ships absorbed from British and Burmese Steam Navigation Company and of Guinea Gulf Line, are on this website.

In addition see also the links to fleet lists on The Ships List website.



The Elder Dempster Archive

Some of the company records are held by the maritime museum in Liverpool, but much of the Elder Dempster records were lost in May 1941 when the head office of India Buildings was gutted by fire during an air raid on Liverpool.

Look at the information sheet from the museum, which gives details of the Elder Dempster Archive. The museum website gives more general information, together with contact details.




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