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This Elder Dempster website has been established to tell something of the story of the company and its staff. Every effort is made to ensure a high standard of content and presentation, and to provide something of interest to those who pass by - and especially to all former Elder Dempster staff.

The intention is for you to enjoy your visit, and it is hoped that you will accept this small print in the spirit in which it is made.

This independent website is non-commercial, and is not managed, controlled or endorsed by Elder Dempster Lines or its successors. All material on this website is copyright©. Copyright of the overall design is vested in Mike Ingham, in conjunction and association with Aquila and HFM Design, as is the text. For other material - and in particular photographs - specific permission has been granted by the copyright holder and copyright© is indicated. Where a general copyright footnote is made on a page and where no copyright © note appears against a specific image or photograph copyright in those instances is that of Mike Ingham, and where no source is shown for an image or photograph it is from the Mike Ingham Collection. All other material is believed to be in the public domain. Any breach of copyright is unintentional, and on notification any such copyright material will be removed immediately. The authors of all published material assert the moral right to be identified as the author of the relevant work or publication, whether in whole or in part, in accordance with the provisions of the Designs, Copyrights and Patents Act.

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Confidentiality is important. Although Elder Dempster personnel are shown in some photographs, no individual - whether Elder Dempster staff or otherwise - is identified. No visitor personal data or personally identifiable data are collected by this website, or by Aquila, HFM Design, or Aquila Associates, and the design of the elderdempster.org website does not require the use of cookies to view its contents. A range of routine web browsing data are collected, and include, but may not be limited to; number of visits and pages visited; dates, times, and durations of visits; host IP addresses; operating systems and browsers; search engines and links; search keyphrases; and any referring websites. These data are provided by, and held by, the domain host (which is thereby responsible for all appropriate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and to whom all such enquiries must be addressed) and are accessed as required for the purpose of improving the content, quality, and usability of this website, and, in management-speak, for "improving the visitor experience".

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