model ships


detailed models of Elder Dempster ships

model ship Kentung
model ship
model ship Eboe
model ship
model ship Aureol
model ship

illustrated are the Kentung, Eboe, and the Aureol at 1:1200 scale

these and other models including the Daru, Degema, and the Mary Kingsley
may still be available from Wirral Miniature Ships of Ellesmere Port
or from Convoy Models of Lincoln

model ship Accra
model ship

shown here is the Accra at 1:1250 scale

this Albatros model and that of the Apapa
is available from Antics Models


marine model magazine
Elder Dempster Lines by Kelvin Holmes

© and courtesy Marine Model Magazine 2017

is available here on this website in PDF format

if you haven’t got the Adobe Reader software that will open PDF files
go to the Adobe website where you can download a free copy

large bespoke models of Elder Dempster ships are also to be seen

these 1:100 scale radio-controlled models made by a former Purser

Winneba Winneba
Winneba Winneba
Zini Zini (with outward cargo)
Zungon Zungon (with homeward cargo)
Neston Neston (with log raft)

the Winneba is 59 inches (150 cm) in length, the Zini and Zungon 54 inches (almost 140 cm)

m.v. Forcados

a model of the Forcados seen in the boardroom of the ED Apapa office in 2016


a new K-boat

another former Purser has constructed a 1:72 scale model of the Kandaw
a new K-boat


detail can be added to model ships


set of Elder Dempster Lines houseflags
from BECC Model Accessories of Croydon

The Apapa Belle

Apapa Belle

built by specialist marine engineers G.B. and Hector

commemorative teapot


although not strictly a model, this art deco style teapot of the Accra is one of those
which was produced exclusively for Snowbow Productions using original 1930s moulds




all text © Mike Ingham
photographs © Alan Dean (RC) and Mike Higgins (Apapa Belle)
photographs © Mike Ingham (small models, K-boat, Winneba, and teapot)
Kentung, Eboe, and Aureol models © Wirral Miniature Ships
Forcados model at Apapa © Julian Calvin
flag decals pack © BECC Model Accessories
Accra teapot © Snowbow Productions
Elder Dempster Lines House Flag © Elder Dempster Lines

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