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liverpool shipping



liverpool shipping groups Liverpool’s Shipping Groups
Ian Collard
The History Press, 2010
ISBN 9780752423746

Mersey Shipping
The Twilight Years
Ian Collard
The History Press, 2000
ISBN 9780752417325

mersey shipping
liverpool liners Liverpool’s Last Ocean Liners
The Golden Age
John Shepherd
The History Press, 2012
ISBN 9780752449159

Liverpool Landing Stage
Through Time
Ian Collard
Amberley Publishing, 2011
ISBN 9781445604138

liverpool landing stage
liverpool docks Liverpool Docks
Through Time
Ian Collard
Amberley Publishing, 2012
ISBN 9781445604145

Liverpool Docks
Images of England
Michael Stammers
The History Press, 2012
ISBN 9780752417127

liverpool docks
liners Great Mersey Liners
Peter Elson
Trinity Mirror, 2008
ISBN 9781905266548

Their Lives and Legacy
on the Liverpool Waterfront

Trinity Mirror, 2010
ISBN 9781906802394

lines Great Mersey Shipping Lines
Peter Elson
Trinity Mirror, 2013
ISBN 9781908695451


Snowbow Snowbow Snowbow Snowbow

The Great Port of Liverpool (Part 1), The Great Port of Liverpool (Part 2)
Echoes of the Mersey, Mersey Bound

DVDs from Snowbow Productions

Snowbow Productions

liverpool river A River in Retrospect
Further Relections
on the Mersey’s Shipping

Paul Boot
Priam Publications, 1996
ISBN 0952113317

Liverpool Docks
Four Decades of Change
Philip Parker
Tempus Publishing, 2004
ISBN 0752430866

liverpool docks




liverpool Liverpool
City of the Sea
Tony Lane
Liverpool University Press, 1997
ISBN 0853237905

The Little Book of Liver Birds
David Cottrell
Breedon Books, 2008
ISBN 9781859835470

liver birds
liverpool The Insider’s Guide to Liverpool
Vicky Andrews
Trinity Mirror, 2010
ISBN 9781906802462

The Alternative Guide to Liverpool
Capital of Culture
Laurie Weston and Ray Costello
Countyvise, 2008
ISBN 9781906823047

liver birds

Liverpool Liverpool then and now
pubs some Liverpool pubs
Liverpool modern Liverpool
links Liverpool links



Merchant Navy

merchant navy history A History of the British Merchant Navy
Volume Five - Fiddler's Green
The Great Squandering 1921-2010

Richard Woodman
Jocast, 1981
ISBN 095074805

The End of the Line
The Great Liners (23)
Snowbow Productions

all hands All Hands and the Cook
The Customs and Language of the
British Merchant Seaman 1875-1975

Barry Thompson
The Bush Press, 2008
ISBN 0908608721

Hello Sailor!
The Hidden History
of Gay Life at Sea

Paul Baker and Jo Stanley
Pearson, 2003
ISBN 0582772141

hello sailor

Merchant Navy

The British Merchant Navy
Images and Experiences
Robert Lloyd, Roy Fenton, and John Clarkson
Ships in Focus, 2002
ISBN 1901703452



The Falklands War

Without the contribution of the Merchant Navy it is extremely doubtful if the Falklands could have been retaken. The British Task Force included 46 merchant ships taken up from trade (STUFT), together with 44 warships of the Royal Navy, 22 vessels from the civilian-manned Royal Fleet Auxiliary, and 2 from the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service. Merchant ships carried 100,000 tons of freight and 95 aircraft, as well as 9,000 personnel. Amongst those ships taken up from trade were the Myrmidon and the Sapele of Elder Dempster Lines.

Falklands They Couldn’t Have Done It Without Us
The Merchant Navy in the Falklands War
John Johnson-Allen
Seafarer Books, 2011
ISBN 9781906266233

A Very Strange Way to Go to War
The Canberra in the Falklands
Andrew Vine
Aurum Press, 2012
ISBN 9781845137458



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