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The Ships List - P. Henderson The Ships List - Guinea Gulf
Elder Dempster - Rhiw.com Palm Line - Rhiw.com
Elder Dempster Lines
The Allen Collection
Palm Line
The Allen Collection
Palm Line The Ships List - Palm Line
Delmas CMA CGM Group
Wreck Site - British and African Wreck Site - Elder Dempster
Aureol House Hotel Motor Yacht Aureol
River Niger Arts, Liverpool Igbo Community Assn, Liverpool
ED Mailboat Life 1950s
Surf Boats, Gold Coast 1947
Ghana surf port (YouTube) Aureol - Limbo Rock (YouTube)
ED Surf Boat ED Locomotives
Aureol - Rhiw.com Palm Oil Chop recipe
Elder Museum, Las Palmas CFAO
Nigerian National Shipping Line
Online Archive
A Personal History
Ghana Ports Authority Nigerian Ports Authority
Tema Takoradi
Ghana Embassy Ghana High Commission
TEWBIT (Ghana) Warwick in Africa
West African
Airways Corporation
West African
Airways Corporation timetables
British West Africa French West Africa
Capt S R New
Maritime Historian
Jo Stanley
Consultant in Maritime History
Blue Funnel Line Cadet Ships - Blue Funnel
The Ships List - Blue Funnel Holland West Africa Line
The Ships List - Woermann Line Scandinavian West Africa Line
T & J Harrison Reardon Smith Ships
liverpoolships.org Ships of the Mersey
Liverpool Pilots Liverpool Ships and Sailors
The Honourable Company
of Master Mariners
Nautical Research Society
m.v. Bou el Mogdad Martins Bank Archive
Royal National
Lifeboat Institution
The Irish
Lifeboat Service
uboat.net Merchant-Navy.net
Steam Tug Kerne Mersey Bar Lightvessel
Steam Navigation Company
The Gold Wire
Badge Company
Maritime & Coast Guard Agency Red Ensign Group
Interntl Maritime Organization Maritime Timetable Images
Merchant Navy Nostalgia Shipping Company House Flags
The Doxford Engine Ships and Harbours
HMS Conway TS Vindicatrix
Harold Jordan Postcards Simplon Postcards
Liverpool Ships -
The Final Years
The Red Ensign Group
British Shipping Registers
Merchant Navy Monument
Plymouth Hoe
Merchant Navy Memorial
Tower Hill
John Stobart Galleries Robert Lloyd - marine artist
Worldwide Shipping Photos Ship-Technology
Ships Nostalgia Cruise Critic
Ships Monthly World Ship Society
ShipSpotting.com Ships in Focus
Careers at Sea UK Chamber of Shipping
MaritimeTraffic.com FleetMon
The Red Duster Mariners
The Mission to Seafarers Apostleship of the Sea
Snowbow Videos and DVDs Maritime Memories Cruises
Merchant Navy Association Tracing Your Family History?

Visit Liverpool Liverpool - Wikipedia
Photographs of Liverpool Liverpool Webcams
Maritime Mercantile City
The Pier Head
Culture of Liverpool Liverpool ONE
Museum of Liverpool Liverpool Maritime Museum
Mersey Ferries Liverpool Cruise Terminal
Mersey Maritime Port Academy Liverpool
Metropolitan Cathedral
Liverpool Parish Church Liverpool Central Library
India Buildings 30 James Street
Liverpool Canal Link Liverpool Waters
Riverside Station Liverpool Overhead Railway
Liverpool Tram Network Liverpool Sailor’s Home
Geoff Topp Postcards Collection Lost Pubs of Liverpool
The Liverbirds The Liver Birds
Liverpool John Moores University University of Liverpool

Advice and Information
The Marine Society Merchant Navy Training Board
Merchant Navy Welfare Board Sailors’ Society
Merchant Navy Fund The Seafarers’ Charity
Childrens Society
Royal Liverpool Seamen’s
Orphan Institution
Care Ashore (Merchant
Seamen’s War Meml Society)
The Royal Alfred
Seafarers’ Society
Seamen’s Hospital Society Seafarers’ Advice and Info Line
Citizens Advice Bureau Age UK
UK Government services and info Veterans Agency
NHS choices UK State Pension
Benefits & Grants for Pensioners Asbestos Forum UK (AVSGF)
The Flying Angel Stella Maris

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