funnel colours and house flags


These tables show the funnel colours of the Elder Dempster and Ocean Fleets groups from the 1960s, together with a note of the house flags.


Elder Dempster funnel EDL cigarette card Elder Dempster funnel


Elder Dempster
Elder Dempster
Paddy Henderson
Guinea Gulf
Elder Dempster Lines
British and Burmese S.N.Co.
Guinea Gulf Line


Ocean Fleets
Elder Dempster
Guinea Gulf
Palm Line
Blue Flue
Elder Dempster
Guinea Gulf
Palm Line
Blue Funnel
excludes the funnels of Glen Line and Nederlandsche Stoomvaart Maatschappij Oceaan
which also formed part of the Ocean Steam Ship Company


as well as S-boats appearing with Guinea Gulf Line funnels
other charters reflected the temporary change
the Kentung for example appearing with the green
Nigerian National Shipping Line funnel colours


Elder Dempster bows Elder Dempster


As well as the Elder Dempster House Flag carried on a plate mounted on the stem
a number of ships also carried small House Flags mounted on each side of
the spirket plate / focslehead bulwark,
as shown on the Swedru (Maradi) below).

Elder Dempster


House Flags
Elder Dempster
British and Burmese Guinea Gulf


Elder Dempster House Flag
Elder Dempster House Flag

click for a larger version
image courtesy and © National Maritime Museum



British and Burmese SNCo House Flag
British and Burmese S.N.Co. House Flag



Guinea Gulf Line House Flag
Guinea Gulf Line House Flag


Palm Line Blue Funnel
The National Maritime Museum
holds examples of the house flags of many shipping companies
British and Burmese
Guinea Gulf
Palm Line
Blue Funnel
animated house flags displayed here created by
Shipping Company House Flags


The m.v. Obuasi Pirate Flag
Obuasi Pirate Flag During the time that the m.v. Obuasi was the Elder Dempster Lines Cadet Training Ship, the cadets adopted this original (if highly unofficial) flag as their own






African Steam Ship Co - British and African Steam Navigation Co

African SSco African SSCo Elder Dempster Lines British and African SNCo British and African SNCo



all text and photographs © Mike Ingham except where indicated
Palm Line funnel image © Robert Cadwalader
Obuasi Pirate Flag © Elder Dempster Lines Cadets
house flags and funnel colours © the individual companies
Ogden’s cigarette card © courtesy GDF Internet Ltd
playing cards © Elder Dempster Lines courtesy Sam Neumann Collection
Elder Dempster Lines House Flag © Elder Dempster Lines
African SSCo and British and African SNCo House Flags © Elder Dempster Lines

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