anchor ex EDs? anchor
Paddy Henderson’s
or Guinea Gulf Line?

Then a very warm welcome.

Also to our former colleagues from Palm Line, Black Star Line, and Nigerian National Shipping Line, whose ships we met on our travels to West Africa.

Hopefully these pages will raise a smile at the recollection of happy times, and bring back names and places from when the world was young.

And a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the development of this website with images, information and encouragement. If you are ex EDs, Paddy Henderson’s or Guinea Gulf Line, and have photographs that you would like to share please do email them to me for inclusion on this website. JPEG format is fine, any size. Currently the pics are at 400 width but as the website develops some will appear at 800 or 1000 width. As with all the photos on the website proper credit is shown, there’s a copyright note with each, and also a bit of script in an attempt to deter casual copying.

Get in touch anyway.

mike the purser
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